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marketing to the low income

First, I've been using a diva cup for about 6 months and after a rocky start I think we've come to accept each other.  But I love the savings and not wasting with tampons and pads!

So, I was at the grocery store buying food and personal items for the food drive at work when it dawned on me that low income women don't have enough money for tampons or pads.  I can't imagine what women do when they have to choose between buying food for their family and buying tampons or pads.  I think the diva cup (or any cup for that matter) would really benefit them.   I started thinking that I really should try to get menstrual cups donated to homeless shelters to help the women on a financial level.  I'm not really sure how to go about this though.  I'd have to get people to actually donate money or cups to a shelter and then the idea would probably have to be sold to the women.  Most people I tell about the cup look at me like I'm crazy and don't really feel any obligation to do something for the environment (I live in Orange County California right now so it's a tough crowd).  I don't have any connections or way to get this started but I want to do something.  Also, a good portion of the poor in orange county are Latina and they seem to have the same taboos about using tampons or anything that they wear inside themselves as Asian culture does.  Maybe this idea would be better in a different population but it might still be worth a try.  But I at least wanted to mention to people that I think low income women might be an untapped market just for the financial aspect of it alone.  

I'm so adamant about the environment that I want to get the word out there about menstrual cups so more resources can be saved.  If anyone has any ideas for me let me know.  Or maybe people can do something in their communities on a larger scale.  I figure if everyone can get at least 3 other people to start using a cup and then those people convince 3 more people we can really make a difference.  
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