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finally, my period!! and, divacup/lunette comparison

 So, this isn't exactly on-topic, but I'll also add a lunette update...  

After coming back here to read and sharing some suggestions or advice with other cuppers, my period finally came!  I told someone about my diva cup in comparison with my lunette cup, and lamenting the fact that it had been 55 days since my last period, so things were actually a little hard to remember, and the, yesterday, lo and behold, tiny little cramps and a little blood!  Hooray!  Here it comes!!  

I've been travelling, and I'll blame this really long cycle on that.  I just moved from the midwest to Spain to teach English in a primary school.  I'm living with another English teacher who's from here and her husband.  I was delighted to note that there were 2 mooncup UKs (one of each size) in their boxes in the bathroom when I got here!  There's not even a trash can in the bathroom, and it took me a while to realize that if I used tampons, that would be a problem.  

Now, for my comparison!  

I've had a smaller sized diva cup for many years now.  In April, I got a copper IUD (no babies for 12 years unless I really want them, AND no hormones!!) and with it came a longer period that starts and ends really light and has 2 or 3 days of really really heavy flow in the middle.  I felt like I was hopelessly bailing buckets and buckets out of my vagina on those heavy days and my little diva, so I decided to try the large sized lunette.  I knew the large diva actually has a slightly larger capacity, but the lunette just sounded really nice, the volume difference was really small, and I wanted to try a new kind.  

Like others say, my lunette popped open right away really nicely.  The first time it surprised me and popped open too soon, but now it works really well.  I don't have to spend that time fiddling around with it to get it in the right place like I did with the diva cup every time.  

I haven't trimmed the stems on either of my cups, and the lunette stem is pretty comfortable even if it's sticking out a little, if I turn it so that it lines up with my vagina (the stem is not hollow or round!).  I was thinking about maybe trimming it, but so far I haven't felt the need to do so.  

With such a heavy flow, my cups leak no matter what I do really.  My mom gave me some lunapanties for my birthday though, and I got them just in time for the IUD, and I really love them.  The cup leakage is never much and the lunapanties are always enough to keep it under control.  It doesn't seem to be any different between the lunette and the diva.  

The length of the two cups is almost the same.  The lunette is a little shorter and squatter than the diva, and it's comfortable to wear.  I don't feel a size difference.  I'm 22 and have never been pregnant, and I'm pretty sure that the whole sizing reccommendation thing is a way to get some sort of an idea about which cup to get if you don't know at all, but really everybody's vaginas are different!  Sorry my thoughts here aren't more organized, but I'm excited!  Also, I took pictures of the diva cup and the lunette together for comparison, but they're not online yet.
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