lizgb (lizgb) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Still annoyed with DivaCup

Ok, so it's my fourth month with the Diva Cup and it is still not working. I've posted before and got lots of suggestions (thanks, again!) but still nothing has worked. Is four months too short of a time to give up and switch to a new cup? I was thinking of the Mooncup UK since I've heard it has a thicker rim and is therefore better at protecting from leaks, but I'm still not sure. Mooncup UK is expensive, and wouldn't a larger rim be less comfortable? Also, I've heard that their is less suctions on the Mooncup UK than the Diva (usually described as a good thing since people seem to have trouble wit the Diva's "super suction"), but the Diva doesn't even get good suction  on me (I could it if it's leaking all the time?), so I'm worried Mooncup UK will be even worse. I've heard the mooncup uk is made of softer silicone which I guess is supposed to be more comfortable (although the Diva is perfectly comfortable for me), but does this mean that it has a harder time opening up?
Please let me know what you think!
Tags: brand comparisons

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