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A Big Thanks and Want to Share Info on Cool Yeast Treatment Product

i want to thank everyone who helped me with my question earlier this week about how long to soak my smelly cup lol.  the hydrogen peroxide soak did the trick above and beyond boiling, vinegar soak, etc.  i didn't even try the baking soda but will probably dust my cup with that while it's in storage before my next period. it really helped to know how long to soak the cup and people were really friendly. a nice first experience here on LJ  :)

i wanted to let peple know about a product i use that is targeted specifically as a yeast treatment and preventive, but which i've found is a great overall balancer and deodorizer for the's called Yeast Free, made by Vitanica, and i get it at vitamin cottage.  they're vaginal suppositories. a very informative info sheet comes with the product, specifying different instructions for use depending on one's condition, i.e., acute yeast infection, chronic problems, etc.  i found it interesting that use during one's period for 4 consecutive cycles is directed for a chronic problem. the thing is, i've only had one yeast infection in my life, but i still use these around the end of my period, after the major flow has passed. i insert one at night for 1-2 nights, and it does a gr8 job of balancing my flora. i also take a probiotic capsule daily and other supportive supplements, do a douche once a week or so with apple cider vinegar, etc., but this product has done the trick for me in terms of keeping my flora at a nice balance and keeping me smelling nice. it's an unscented product, and the active ingredients are boric acid, oregon grape root, and calendula flowers.  it's really a gr8 product, so i wanted to tell others about it.

thx again to everyone who helped me solve my issue with an extremely odiferous cup!

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