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N00b with a question...

Hi everyone!

I'm new, but I've spent quite a lot of time searching and reading through the posts here, so hopefully I won't be asking annoying n00b questions. ^-^;

I just found out about menstrual cups very recently, and I'd like to purchase one myself, but I don't have much money. After searching through the extremely helpful comparisons & reviews, I've figured that since I have no experience with any type of cup, the best I can do is make an educated guess, make a purchase, and see how it works with my body. From the comparison posts, I think I would like to try the Diva Cup. The fact that it has a 1 year guarantee is really appealing too. But, this brings me to my question...

I found 2 sites that had the Diva Cup for quite a good price ($17.99 @ southcoastshopping.com, and $19.98 @ luckyvitamin.com) and I would be very happy get one for so cheap, but both sites say they will not accept any returns. So, what do I purchase from one of them, and the Diva Cup doesn't work for me? Do I mail it back directly to the Diva Cup company...?

Thanks in advance for your help. This community has been wonderfully informative! ^o^
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