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PCOS, blahblah

So, I have PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome), along with Insulin Resistance. Both of these combined allow me to go years without a period (uh, yay? Not.).. However, since I'm trying to get my period back on track (I miss it, really), I'm looking into getting a divacup/mooncup/blahblah.

- I'm allergic to latex, therefore any of the latex ones are out of the question.
- I'm a nanny, so I need something that
a) is big enough to leave in for an extended period of time (obviously no more than 8 hours, though it'd be more likely to be 5.. ish.)
b) doesn't require a lot of maintenance/cleaning/hiding in salty/vinegar-y solutions
- I have HUGE clots. Will this affect it?

Anyone else here have PCOS/IR? Both? Maybe? .. I know I seem to know next to nothing about the products, but I'm still iffy on them and don't have the time to really look at them for hours on end. I'm interested in the grippy-ridged, those are neeeeat. And the clearness. :D

Tags: heavy blood flow

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