cnmngrrrl (cnmngrrrl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How Long To Soak the Cup for Cleaning?

i just joined this group today after doing a search for cleaning the diva cup. mine has always had an unpleasant smell after use. i've always washed it with hot water and soap, sometimes antibacterial soap, sometimes the diva wash. today, after reading a number of posts in this group, i boiled it for 5 minutes, then put it in a container and covered it with apple cider vinegar. i'm probably going to do a full-out assault with hydrogen peroxide and a followup sprinkling with baking soda after that if the smell isn't gone. i don't have a yeast infection, and i do wonder if bacteria is the culprit, but regardless, i'm hoping to find a routine for cleaning the works at getting the smell out, the staining being secondary. 

how long do people soak the cup in various solutions of choice? 



Tags: cleaning - smells, cleaning - vinegar
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