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Diva cup cracked?!?!

I've been using my DC (size 2) for 2 years (bought it earlier, used a few cycles, then got pg with #2) and am generally happy with it. I'd never go back to tampons or regular pads, but have considered other cups to find something that may be more comfy (DC tends to feel large and offers quite a bit of pressure despite having delivered 2 babies, and I have to wear it high - my cervix sits partially inside of it - otherwise half of the cup sits outside my body and is just not comfortable!). Anyway, I was cleaning it today following the end of my cycle and noticed several small cracks on the rim! It looks like a razor blade was sliced several mm into the rim. Not sure how this could have happened since it is either inside of me or in my bathroom drawer! I need to replace because even though it still functions, I'm wary of germies being trapped in the cracks and causing infections :(

1. Has anyone had anything similar happen with their diva (or other silicone cup)? Any ideas what might have caused it to crack?
2. Should I get another Diva or try a different brand? Divas are cheaper now, but as I said above, It feels "wide" to me and I have to wear it pretty high - I think my "anatomy" must be fairly short, as wearing it lower than my cervix causes 1/2 inch or more of cup (not stem - cut the whole stem off!) to sit outside my body. Wearing it high doesn't bother me, but I've never been totally leak free - I need a cloth pantyliner as back up.

Glad to have found this place and hoping for some advice!
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