the_amazee_az (the_amazee_az) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Irritation, now what?

I've been using a diva/mooncup with Lunapads for almost two years now.

I'm several days into my period. I still have it, but it's in the "wouldn't fill the cup even if I didn't take it out for the next three days phase".

My vagina is irritated. It had hurt for a couple days, but I live at school and don't own/lost a hand mirror. I finally got the courage to ask a friend to borrow her mirror (she guessed exactly what I needed to look at with it, but hey, I converted her to divas so I win).
First the first time, the area around my vulva (regular skin and surrounding skin) and the lower part of the opening (which touches the rim and part of the stem is RED). One area looked like it was close to slitting open, but I'm not sure and am trying not to touch my vagina, but it hurts.

I didn't do anything out of the ordinary for me and my routine, save for boil my mooncup after a recent toilet mishap (this has happened before).

I'm a virgin. Sex related stuff isn't a compounding variable.

When I took my mooncup out in the shower today, I didn't dare try to put it in. I'm doing pads for now and will probably try cups next period as usual.

What should I do to fix the irritation?

I bought some (store brand) desitin, because I remember my mom putting desitin on me when I was little (I have a good memory, see, so I do remember this). I smeared it around everywhere I could touch that felt red (no mirror, I gave it back).

Good idea? Bad idea? Should I buy something else?

I've never had irritation problems in the five years I used plastic pads, but I thought I should stick with cloth because plastic pads irritate the sensitive among us already.

And maybe this is the wrong community for this, but how do you get desitin off fingers, cloth pads and pubes?

What would I expect to see if the soreness was from something else?
Tags: chafing/irritation, virginity

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