Eleni Vamvakari (theophania) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Eleni Vamvakari

Thanks And Huge Hugs

Hello. Some of you may remember me from a few months ago. I'm the totally blind 23-year-old who was struggling with her Diva and deciding which way to go. Well, alot has happened since then. I've been detoxing from Orthoevra, the birth control patch, because it really ruined my cycle. Anyway, the detox is over, but now my body is crazier than ever. Two weeks ago, I had some bleeding, last week I had a full blown period and it's come back again this week. My herbalist said this is normal with the detox I was taking and that not to be worried, but I'm still keeping an eye on it. Anyway, throughout this whole ordeal, the one trusty companion I've had has been my Diva. Ever since I truly learned the punch down method, my life literally hasn't been the same. Now, I don't have to worry about nasty wet strings on tampons, messy smelly pads (can't speak for cloth cause I never tried them), embarassing odor or wet underpants. Plus, I can take my cup wherever I go so it's always there when I need it, which, lately, has been alot and at unexpected times. I'm so greatful to all of you girls for inspiring and encouraging me to never give up and to just keep trying. Since I can't see, it can be a tad bit frustrating if there's a spillage, but overall, I wouldn't trade my Diva for anything. So thanks for helping to change my life. Hugs to all.
Tags: disabilities & health problems, divacup, success stories

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