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First time with my new Divacup

I did an intro in the intro section but I wanted to write in the main section too. I got a Divacup yesterday from the health food store in my neighbourhood. I chose it because I live in Canada so it was an easy cup to find and also affordable ($10 less than the Keeper, which the shop also carried). I wanted to go with silicon, so the Diva it was. I read a lot of the memories and tagged entries in this community and I just want to say what a great source of info it is!

Anyway, I got my period yesterday morning and was using a tampon till I could go out after work and get the cup. I got the Size 2 (over 30, but no kids). I was all excited when I got home. I washed it up, tried the C Fold, put it in and had no problems at all with it opening, getting good suction and being able to "spin" it in there, and no leaks. I  don't have the heaviest period because I'm on the pill, and so far today (which is one of the heavier days) I haven't had any leaks. Not even any last night! I have a wicked cold right now and was having coughing fits all last night, and even that didn't dislodge the cup. I think I'll do away with the stem as it is a bit pokey. I can easily get the base of the cup and pinch it to get it out. No trouble at all. I might experiment with other folds, too.

This so beats drying tampons, and no string! I hate the tampon strings! Not to mention I do feel good about saving money (it will pay for itself in maybe 2 cycles, for me) and I don't have to throw stuff away, worry about packing supplies of many sizes, or taking an assortment of stuff for enough days if I have to go away. SO much nicer.

My male significant other was interested a bit -- I told him how it works but he hasn't seen it. I even asked him if he minded if I boiled it. He told me not to tell him which pot I use (if I go that route)! Then he shrugged and said, "Whatever, I eat rare meat sometimes." I laughed. But I might get a cheapo pot just boiling the cup, to keep food and blood separate. If I was alone I wouldn't care, but it seemed courteous.

I'll keep you all posted with any updates or questions. I'm glad I found this community. I found it through friend!

PS I hope I tagged this right.
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