Wyldekyttin (wyldekyttin) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Size?

Okay, so I got the larger diva cup because I am over 30.

It only took me two months, but I can get the thing in in under an hour, but it seems to sit very low, and it does not open round, but rather kind of oval.  It is open, and it does work.  Sometimes I get a strange pinchy feeling to one side or the other, and I have to take it out.  I have thus far only worn it a few hours at a time sleeping, as I am not yet certain I can deal with it sitting so low and it is impossible for me to go to the bathroom with it in.  I have never gotten anything but the oragami fold to work for getting it in, but I have it down to just a few tries now.

I feel entirely stupid talking about this.  :P

I have it in, and it seals-no leakage for hours at a time, it sits pretty low but I can fit my finger around and can feel it seals all the way around the edge.

However, when I have to pee, it feels like I have to bear down hard to go, and when I do, some gets into the cup. I think something with the combination of how hard I have to push to 'go' changes the flow of things.  I _know_ it is sealed, I had had it in for five hours and it had been working fine.

My housemates (who both use the smaller size) think my extreme difficulty getting it in before it opens and generally getting it to settle any higher is because I need the smaller size.  I looked through memories and did some searches, but I didn't see any mention of my problem.  :P
Tags: sizes/size issues, urination
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