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Period Length Change

Ok, some background - I'm eighteen (turning nineteen in a month) and have had my period since I was twelve years old. Day one is usually middle flow, day two and three heavy, day four middle, and then day five light. Sometimes it stretches into day six but it's usually very light. Moving on...

I know some girls who have used the cup say that their periods seem shorter than it did with tampons and/or pads. I envy you, I really do! Unlike some of you, my periods seem to be getting longer. Third cycle with the cup. I've been on my period for about two-three weeks now when it usually lasts about five days. It's not heavy by any means - I can go twelve hours without emptying the cup and at most, it's half-full. Thank god for that - if I had a heavy period for this long I think I'd kill myself.

The only up side is that I can successfuly say I've gotten tons of practice with my cup. But still. I love her, but did I really need to get to know her this well at once?

Horror stories over period length, anyone? I feel like a freak...
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