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Diva vs. Mooncup UK?

I've been using the Divacup for three cycles now (size 1... I'm 23 with no kids), all of them with the same problems.

1) I have a really hard time getting it in properly. It takes me around 10 minutes of fiddling with it for me to feel like I've gotten it in properly (which is hugely inconvenient in itself), and even then, it leaks most of the time. It's hard to get it open all the way, and I usually have to try three or four times.

2) LEAKS. I make sure the holes are clean, it opens all the way, there's a good amount of suction, etc. It still leaks! I have to put it in as far as you would put a tampon in, otherwise I can majorly feel it in a really unpleasant/painful way... this may be a factor, I'm not sure. It doesn't leak because it's full (half the time it'll be maybe 1/4 full), and I've tried angling it different ways, so I'm not sure what's wrong.

The only upside to this is that it's really easy to remove. I just bear down and pinch the bottom.

So my question is: I've heard good things about the Mooncup UK, and people switching to it from the Divacup. Do you think it would help me? I'm worried that it might be a waste of money because it will still leak, or not have sufficient capacity (I have a really heavy flow), but I really like the idea of cups and want one to work for me.

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