Butlers are awesome (systemaurora) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Butlers are awesome

Argh! It won't go in/air embolii?

I'm having so much pain trying to get my Lunette in.  I got the smallest size but it's still unbelievably big.  Do they make like a size XS cup?  gah, the pain was so bad a few times I wanted to throw up.  And I'm not a virgin by any means.... and I tried in the bath, with KY, everything.... I tried the origami fold, the 7 fold, the punch-down fold, the labial fold, and of course the C-fold.  What's left?  Do I need to wait until I'm having sex all the time with my very-thick bf to use this?  Should I stop doing kegels?  It's not really too big inside, it's just that super-nerve-y opening that is too small for it.  I don't know what to do.  =(

And a side note, but the last time I was trying to fit it in I let go too soon and then when I grabbed it again, it shot a ton of air into my vagina!  O_O  Isn't that really dangerous?  I know blowing into the vagina of a pregnant woman can cause an air embolus, but can that happen to unpregnant women too?
Tags: health risks, insertion - painful or problems

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