demiraks_world (demiraks_world) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup Newbie

This is my first cycle with a Diva Cup.
Yesterday I was barely bleeding so I just took an insertion trial run in the shower. Youch! I used the C-Method (the only one I knew at the time) and damn did that hurt!!

I removed it after about an hour because I didn't really need it.

Today, after finding this community, I tried using the origami method. Someone needs to tell DivaCup to revise their instructions, because this worked liked a charm!! It wasn't painful, it went quick and as far as I know it popped open.

Anyway, I do have a question - they say it should rotate easily.
Uh, I can't get of it pretty much AT ALL unless I bear down, much less being able to grab it and rotate it! Am I understanding that you should be able to easily grasp the stem and turn it while it's in you?? Can anyone actually do this?

I bought the smaller size since I'm not 30 and haven't had kids, but maybe I should have had the bigger size if I can't reach it?
Tags: first time use
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