s (puddleofglass) wrote in menstrual_cups,

tss-like syptoms?

I knew my period was coming soon-ish, so I had the cup in for about a day and a half with no bleeding. During this time, I removed it every twelve hours to clean it. The morning that my period came, I woke up with searing cramps, nausea, sweating, chills, shaking, dry mouth. I drank some water and threw that up.

After I took the cup out, the symptoms went away, and I could keep down water, and even food. Obviously silicone doesn't absorb vaginal fluid, but is it possible that whatever soap I used left a residue on the cup and that's what irritated me so much?

I am kind of hesitant (ashamed?) now to say what I washed it with. I was in the shower, and used just regular shampoo - - garnier fructis. =P When I was thinking about applying to be a camp counselor, they said that soap was pretty bio-degradable, so I felt ok using it. But maybe not from now on...
Tags: health risks
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