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Brown stains?

Oookay... it's been a long time since I've posted here (or even visited, really). This is primarily due to the fact that my period, being the strange beastie that it is, has been somewhat absent since my first run-through with the Diva. Well, okay, not entirely, but it's not caused me major problems. Getting the cup out is now pretty routine for me; I still do get bloody fingers many times, but I haven't been having nearly so many issues with being unable to get it into a grabable position. Insertion ease depends on the day... sometimes I just CANNOT relax, but I generally succeed in the end. My major triumph this go-round has been to somehow magically succeed in getting my index finger up my vagina when my cup's in. This was previously impossible, and I don't know how I've managed it, but I have. This makes checking/releasing the seal easier. Also, thanks to babyslime, I've found my cervix and can make sure the cup is properly positioned around it.

All of that was basically just an update, in case, for some reason, anyone remembered me and cared. Now, the problem...

The stem of my Diva (which has been trimmed to the first little ridge) has inexplicably picked up brown stains, which seem to be getting worse with time. I've never noticed them before this cycle. They won't go away with scrubbing, scraping, or soap, as far as I can tell. I've noticed that there seems to be a fair amount of watery brown mucous in my vagina, too, so I'm guessing that's the source of the stains, but I'm at a loss for why it won't come off my cup. Thoughts, anyone?

~Monkeyscience, sorry if she grossed you out
Tags: cleaning - stains, divacup, success stories

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