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Diva Dilemmas


The verdict on menstrual cups is in - they rock. The verdict on the Diva is still out.

Once I got the hang of the origami fold, I had no problem using the Diva 1 (smaller size) but after a few months it started leaking profusely. It was leaking so much there was barely a point in using it.

I don't know what happened. For two months it was fine, and suddenly, my vagina had a birthday or something and aged overnight. My Diva one started to wander - I'd find it riding up or tilted to the side. I'd fix it and it'd wander off again.

So I sized up to the Diva 2 - for women over 30 (which I am not) and women who've had children (which I haven't). My vagina is aging faster than the rest of me.

Anyway, The Diva 2 seems to have solved the leaking problem, but it's significantly less comfortable than the Diva 1. It's only a quarter inch longer than the Diva 1, but that seems to make a difference. It's either poking my cervix at one end, or it's poking my urethra at the other end. I've cut the stem right off, so there's not much else I can do. Oh, and I can barely pee with it in - it seems to apply pressure on my urethra from the inside too, so whenever I pee I imagine myself to be an 80 year old man with no penis and an inflamed prostate. 

I still do have some minor leaking problems with the Diva 2 - nothing major, but I know I can get a better fit because when I first started to use the Diva 1 I had no leaking whatsoever.  Not a drop.

Maybe I'll become a cup collector

Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting, sizes/size issues, urination

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