tegelly (tegelly) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Huge Thanks

This community deserves many, many thanks for the non-judgmental, honest & frank discussions which have helped me make a decision to order a menstrual cup, (Lunette - I like the idea of the flat stem & smooth interior, & I'm hoping my post-babies hooha & heavy flow will accept the idea too!)

This place has been my "go to" place for information regarding the many aspect of using a cup. I have sent friends here & promoted it as one of the nicest & supportive on-line communities I've come across so far.
Thank you all for being willing to share intimate information about your anatomy so that more women can achieve a greater level of comfort, not just with menstruation, but with their body as a whole.
I'm sure I'll be back when my Lunette arrives, with questions, or just to search the memories section.
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