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"Overflowing", but not full

Okay, I have been a lurker here for like 4-5 months since I got my divacup.  Ever time it is this time of the month, I come here looking for answers.  You guys have given me great help from old post.  I had trouble with everything to do with inserting and popping open to lining it up with my cervix and not putting it in straight up.  Thanks to all the old posts, I have overcome all that.
 The one issue that remains:  On my heaviest days (2 and 3) after about two hours it begins to leak/overflow.  It never gets to the rim, though.  It rarely makes it to the bottom of the edge of the top squared of part (the part that says divacup on it).  Is that normal? It must be tilted so that it spills over before it is full.  I am worried that I screwed up the suction by poking the holes all the way thru.  They were just so getting on my nerves trying to get them clean!  It works great on all the other days of my period, I love it other than this issue. 
I have the model 2 (post-childbirth) and I am 26 with 2 kids.  I was as first paranoid that my vagina was too stretched out due to childbirth, as my kids were 10+ and 11+lbs, but I did kegels like heck after each of them plus other exercise so I think I have my old body back or better everywhere, including "down there."  I think I'd have trouble on other days if that was the case anyway.
Tags: leakage & spotting
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