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lots of problems, don't want to give up

So I started with size 2 (I'm 33) of the diva cup several months ago.  I only got to use it for 2 cycles before my dog got a hold of it dragged it outside and chewed it up!  I had a lot of trouble with it because I had trouble with insertion, trouble with it popping open and sealing, and pain from either the stem stabbing me or just a general stabbing pain that seemed to originate from the ridge along the top.  It tends to sit very crooked in me (always to the right) and kind of high up.  Even if I insert it low it rides up kind of high and settles there.  I had my husband check and he said I'm more "meaty" on the right hand side, so it could be pushing the cup into that position.

Anyway, I thought my problems were originating from a wrong size issue.  So when I found it outside and chewed up (it was clean - after my cycle I had washed it and put it on my bathroom counter to dry...dog must have smelled residual something and tried to eat it! yuk!)  I thought it would be a good opportunity to get the smaller size.

My first cycle the smaller size worked great.  I decided that trimming the stem a little would help prevent the stabbing pain resulting in my crooked vagina.  That did help.  I do still occasionally get a twinge of a stabbing pain, but I don't think it's from the stem.  It seems to originate from higher up.  My second and third cycle (in the middle of it now) with size 1 have not been so great.

My main problems are with insertion and leakage.  I often have to spend at least 10 minutes trying to insert it so that it's in properly.  I rarely get it right and have to readjust several times.  When I do get it right, I still have a little bit of stabbing pain occasionally that I mentioned before that does not seem to come from the stem, although I could be wrong because it's hard to tell exactly where the pain is originating from. I'm hesitant to cut the stem all the way off.

During my last and current cycle the leakage has been so bad (even if I feel that I have inserted it properly) that I might as well not be wearing it at all.  I'm making sure to insert it horizontally toward my lower back, to clean out the small holes at the top (I fold the cup with the hole pointing to the top and run hot water through it.  Seems to clean it out pretty well) and rotate it - which is sometimes very hard to do because I can't grasp it well enough to turn it (slippery!)

The diva cup website says that it only takes a cycle or two to get the hang of it, and I've had about 6, with 2 different sizes, and I still find it very difficult to deal with.  My hands and nails get absolutely covered with blood, and if I keep trying to get it right, I start to get chafed both inside and outside my vagina.

I've tried the C fold, the 7 fold, the punch down and the origami fold.  Sometimes they work better, sometimes not.  Although the punchdown seems to unfold the easiest. 

I so want this to work, I don't want to give up.  I've already spend over $60 on this, and I don't really want to spend more getting the size 2 again which really was so painful and even seemed so much more difficult than size 1 to insert and place properly.  I've heard that other brands fit differently and might be more comfortable...but if they don't that is more wasted money.  I thought the goal was to save money on feminine products by using this?

I'm wearing a tampon right now because I'm just so frustrated with all my problems and why can't I seem to get it right?  Maybe this is just not for me? I just don't know what to do.

I have a friend who has used the diva cup from the very beginning of her periods and has never had any trouble whatsoever.  she loves it...although she did cut the stem all the way off.  she does not experience any tipping or "crookedness" at all.

Help!  Does anyone have any advice for me who has experience the same things I have?  I don't want to give up.  

Tags: divacup, insertion - painful or problems, leakage & spotting, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming
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