Bliss (tulips_in_paris) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I need serious help with removal

I bought the Diva cup yesterday, thrilled and excited but now I have a few concerns.  It hurt to put it's like once I get past the vaginal opening and the rim slides inside my vagina, it is ok.  But I've inserted it 3 times now and it hurts for it to get into the opening.  I'm a virgin.. I don't know if this may be why or if it could be a hymen thing - how can I tell if I have a hymen?

The first time I had it in was during the night.  I woke up about 8-9 hours after inserting it and there was a bit of leakage (I was wearing a pad).  So I decided to take it out - OH MY GOD THIS HURT!!!!!!!!!  not only that, but it spilled a good amount of blood as I was trying to take it out.  Thankfully all of it landed on the pad and I was at home.  At first I was simply trying to follow the instructions provided: bear down using muscles, rotate as you pull down.  But that wasn't working very well and it was hurting a lot!!! When I took it out, there was about half a cup of blood (not including what spilled out).  Could it have leaked because it was too full? 

Later in the morning I tried putting it in and taking it out.  The 2nd removal hurt so much, I actually cried once it came out.  Now it is in, and I am not looking forward to when I have to take it out, especially since it will have fluid inside.  Any ideas?? 
Tags: first time use, removal, removal - painful or problems

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