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Cup <3

So officially, I've been through two cycles with my Diva Cup so far. The first period I got it was very trial and error, and I only used it about a quarter of the time - the rest was spent with fighting to shove it in, hacking the stem off, and yanking it back out to hack off more of the stem.  The second period I had was great with very few leaks (occasional user errors n.n) except for one very unpleasant experience I had at night (which I still think went over better with the Diva than it would have with pads or tampons). Today is the first day of my third cycle. I wanted to list my personal experiences for anyone who is iffy about the cup.

Diva Pros Over Pads
1. Whenever I used pads at night, I was always extremely concerned that it would move out of place. I used to have to reach down and feel every time I rolled over, just to be sure. With the Diva, I can be sure it's still in the right place.
2. As soon as I got up in the morning with the pad, I had to run to the bathroom to avoid the disgusting "gush" of blood. Again, with the Diva, I don't have to do that. It's nice not to have to eject my parents from the bathroom right away.
3. Pads used to give me a painful chafeing rash on the inside of my thighs. This is mostly because I always kept my legs pressed tightly together, and when I would sweat, the pad would rub against my skin. With the Diva, I'm not afraid to "spread" my legs (i.e.,  I don't have to keep my legs pressed together all night).
4. I hated wearing pads after a shower but not going to bed right away. It was always bulky and I was very aware of it. It always used to make me feel unclean.
5. I can twist into whatever position I want during the night and not be worried about leaks.

Diva Pros Over Tampons
1. Often before I went somewhere, I would want to check to make sure I hadn't filled a tampon up. It was fine if I had, but pulling out a tampon that wasn't filled up was painful.
2. At the same time, or at the end of my period, pushing in a tampon when I was drier was uncomfortable. It made the tampon sit lower, which was irritating.
3. I was usually always very aware of tampons, even when they were inserted correctly. This was especially common if I was laying down or sitting on something that was soft.
4. Frequently, I used to leak even though the tampons I was using weren't completely full. I would pull it out and there would still be spots of white, but there was also blood on my panties and the string. This was just a huge waste!
5. No more running to the bathroom in the small space between classes to hurriedly change a tampon. I wish I had known about cups during high school!

Diva Pros in General
1. I <3 walking past the "Feminine Hygene" aisle and looking with pity at the poor souls who are glumly plopping down boxes and bags into their carts. I <3 not having to do the same!
2. The money I've saved. My cup has already paid off.
3. The extra space. I never realized how much space tampons and pads too up until I got my convenient, small little storage pouch!
4. The comfort. It's beyond description.
5. Knowing I'm helping the environment!

Diva Cons
1. The learning curve. That is the biggest drawback.

Erm, so I ran out of Cons. xD Seriously, I like to think I'm getting better with my cup everytime I remove her and then put her back in. I was actually excited for my period to begin a few days ago, and today when it did, I think it's the first time in my life I was ever happy to see the blood. I said a very perky "hello~!" to my cup when I pulled her out. ;-) My sole regret is that I didn't have a cup sooner, but then I think that it's only been six years with pads and tampons, and some of you went for twenty years, so I consider myself lucky. :-)

Anyone else have some experiences to share?

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