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Diva and Lunette- a comparison

Ok, so I had DivaCup for a year and it always leaked on my heavy days. So I finally decided to get a lunette and try it.
First day was OK. Lunette pops open much easier than diva, it's stiffer.
Then came the second day (the heaviest) of my period, and all hell broke loose! There is NO suction what so ever in lunette! None! Every time I stood up, I got that "bubbly" feeling down there which meant it was leaking. I went to the bathroom, blood in the toilet bowl and on the TP, I pull it out and it's only filled to the first notch (7,5 ml). This happend all day long. I took the half filled cup out, emptied it, put it back in and hoped that this time, it would be fine. An hour or two later it's leaking again! When it started leaking big time without any warning during my workout, 15 mins after I last emptied it, I had had it! I have no trust in my lunette at all any more!

As soon as I got home, I pulled the darn thing out and inserted my diva. And lo and behold, of course this was the first period EVER that my diva did not leak on me, not once! Now that I got a new cup and all. (And I thought nothing could be worse than my divacup...)

So now what do I do? I spent 25 € on this cup, that's only my weekly food budget. There is no return policy. Right now I'm thinking of spray painting it gold and using it as a christmas ornament. I'm so disappointed. In a few years when I'm richer I might try a mooncup. Honestly, there is not much difference in size or volume between diva and lunette. I guess the lesson is, if diva doesn't work for you, chances are small that lunette will either.

I also think I found the reason to why my cups leak all the time. I kept track on how much I bled this period (one of the good things with cups!) and it summed up to 115 ml. I checked a medicine book, it said normal amount is 30-50 ml. So I'm more then twice that. Congrats everyone whose cups work for you, you are normal bleeders. I just can't empty mine often enough to prevent it from leaking. *grumpy*
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