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I've been inspired to try my Diva Cup again, but I've had some hairy experiences in the past. I posted back in February with a story about having a HORRIBLE time getting it in, getting it up and then trying to get it down but the cup was just really, really high up. I had to go to the clinic and the doctor proceeded to yank it out and throw my cup in the garbage?

I haven't tried it since that week, but THIS WEEK I'M GOING TO, yes yes yes. I'm just really, really scared of it going up too high. It didn't seem to know when to stop last time; it was like "Cervix? What cervix?", and I'm afraid that if I put it in (which takes ages because I'm super-tight) I'll walk around and it'll just slip higher and higher until I need to go back to Dr. Whatsisname, and I hate people being around my girlparts.

Encoruagement? Aid? Help? Tips? I've looked through tags and memories again, but I'm just totally here in search of encouraging words or something. I feel like I just know it'll keep going up if I manage to get it in, and... blehhhhh. Nonono. Especially not during midterms; there are some things I don't need, thanks.
Tags: removal - painful or problems
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