Emerald Embers (emerald_embers) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Emerald Embers

First time user

Just wanted to say that I've been lurking and reading the unlocked posts in this community for nearly a year and finally, finally got enough nerve to buy a mooncup (UK) during my most recent period to try it out - a pretty huge step for me, all things considered I'm virtually allergic to the concept of change!

To everyone who's been honest and open about their attempts to use cups; thank you. Without your posts and the replies to them, I would have lost my nerve on the first failed attempt, if I'd even got as far as attempting! Thank you also for the honesty about the fact it can sometimes hurt a little bit getting it out the first few times until you get the hang of releasing the seal.

I've now got used to insertion/removal and I'm in love with it. No more two pads lined against each other with a tampon for extra security; the fact I slept soundly on my second night of that period (traditionally my heaviest) and had no leaks in the morning left me so happy I nearly cried because I've had problems for years with that; my third year of university was mortifying during periods because I'd have to wrap a towel around my night-clothes and shuffle to the shower in a mixed student house every morning.

So, yes; your hints and tips gave me the confidence to keep going when normally I'd have panicked and it was so, so worth getting one. Every last woman in my life has had to put up with me singing its praises.

Thank you everyone!

I do have one question though that I couldn't see answered anywhere, and it's a small thing; are there any dyspraxic menstrual cup users around, and if so, do you find you have slight problems with maintaining a grip regardless of whether the cup is actually slippery or not? I seem to get problems with involuntary shaking a lot of the time, which can get quite messy. Any tips on steadying hand movements?
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