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GROSS after-orgasm cramps

okay I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or knows what it is. After having several orgasms ( about 3 non-clitoral ones or many clitoral ones) i experience very uncomfortable cramping and pinching feelings in the ovary region ( the area where I experience menstrual cramps).

 I recently found out I was capable of female ejaculation and after having several ejaculations, I experienced more painful cramps than usual for the rest of the day as well as the next day.  I also get these cramps if  I have not had an orgasm in a few months/weeks  and  need to relieve alot of built up tension.  

This is the gross, stupid part : A while back, during my first dry-run with my divacup I had an orgasm with it still in  me and by the time I finally got it out, there was a pink watery substance that I assume was female juices with a little blood in it. It's gross! I know, but I wonder if it is possible that I bleed when I orgasm sometimes and I don't notice it because it is so light. I noticed I was  bleeding during sex the other day  and I was not menstruating and I'm not a virgin. I  felt such great pressure it was a little painful. I have only had sex with this partner a few times and he has a particularly large sexual organ, which I am not used to. I haven't had sex that many times  so I don't know If  mabey the divacup and sex with my partner was just alot more than I am used to or If  the cramping is related.. 

I appreciate any advice anyone has to offer OR if anyone has had any similar experiences!!! Im not even sure where to post this?? I will try to move it to a more appropriate area but I don't  know where else to post this. Please help!

P.S. After reading some comments I have decided to consult a gynocologist but I will let you all know my findings incase someone has a similar experience and incase you are a curious cat like me.
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