animalluver189 (animalluver189) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Terrible Experience at the Doctors...

So I posted a few months ago about asking my mom about menstrual cups, and her never having heard of them.  She told me if the doctor said it was okay I could use one.  Oh and by the way I'm fifteen.
So I went into the doctor's today... and I got the confidence to actually ask about it.  When I mentioned them, she looked at me like I was a psycho and was like... "What do you mean, 'menstrual cups?'"  It was already embarrassing to ask her, but her negative response was just awful.  So since I really didn't have the courage to actually explain what one was, I simply said nevermind and we moved on.  So I really don't know what to do... I guess I'll just have to wait until college.  Only three more years.... ugh.  Maybe it's for the better though, right?  I've heard that a lot of people have difficulty inserting them at a young age, so...

I'm kind of disappointed.  I really expected my doctor to know what it was. :(
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