pink4444 (pink4444) wrote in menstrual_cups,

lunette falling into loo

This is getting beyond funny - I've managed to stock up on Diva, Mooncup, and the Lunette which suits me best.  BUT (I have to remove it over the loo) the loonette keeps slipping out of my hands and falling in!  Which leaves me with my trusty but much too little Mooncup till I get round to sterilizing etc.  (can't use the Diva at all, turbo suction)  It doesn't happen with the others, that loonette really wants to fly.

Does anyone have any failsafe method to prevent a slippery silicon cup from flying out of my fingers at crucial moments - apart from not changing over the loo which really isn't an option?  Would really appreciate ideas! 

Tags: removal

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