MLNH (mlnh) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette wash + small Lunette

1)  Does anyone have a link to the ingredients of the Lunette wash? I couldnt find it, and would like to know the ingredients. Or if anyone has it, and is bored, you are welcome to write it here ;)
If you have tried the Lunette wash, do you like it or not, how is it?
Im gonna buy a wash, and has to decide about Lunette wash, or Diva-wash.
(The Lunette is a bit cheaper for me to buy, but if the Diva-wash is better i will buy it)

2) Im pretty sure that i have to buy a small Lunette, to see if it would work for me.
I would like to know many things about it, but i know i HAVE to try it  ;)  so i have no specific questions, but if you have anything to say about it, please do.
I have the small Mooncup UK, and it is nice flexible, doesn't leak, easy to put in, but i feel it is just a little to big (i have cut the stem) i can feel when it is there, not in a good way.
(and it hurts to take it out). Im pretty small, both on the outside, and on the inside, so i hope the small Lunette would work out.
I like the flexible mooncup, that i can easily fold it, and that is doesn't leak on me, and i hope the Lunette is also great, and just smaller.

Tags: cleaning, lunette, mooncup (uk), sizes/size issues

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