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42 w/3 Kids & Using Size 1 Divacup

I'd gotten a size 2 divacup because I'm 42 and have three kids. Guess what? Doesn't fit! I had to get a size one. My youngest is 13 years old. I'm 5'8" and 135 lbs so I can't figure out why such a small size difference made such a big difference in use. The bigger size would not pop open. The smaller one did but it still doesn't pop open completely most times. I'm experiencing zero leeks but this is only my second day of use of the DivaCup. Previously I'd use the instead cups which were a leaking disaster!!!!!

Update Edit: Used Size 1 all day but had a few leaks. Discovered the 7-Fold on this forum and that had been working wonders with insertion. Just switched to Size 2 tonight because 1 kept slipping? Could it be my size changed since my flow started yesterday? I'm cool with using Size 1 AND Size 2. Either way Divacup far outperforms Instead (in my book anyway). Although I would use Instead during sex. 

Update Edit II: I just finished my first cycle with Divacups. I ended up switching back and forth between the sizes as my flow changed. Also, REAL IMPORTANT, each cup is popping open very easily now. I wish I'd known that the silicon is stiffer in the beginning because I believe that was the problem initially for me. It should be included in the directions.

Also (and I am thrilled to report this), I've gotten through my very first cycle with using ZERO disposable products! Previously, I'd been using Instead & cloth pads but would always supplement with a tampon and/or disposable pad or two. No more!
Tags: sizes/size issues
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