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Help!!! I just got my Diva Cup a few weeks ago and started my period today. This morning I tried to put it in using the standard fold on the instructions. It seemed to go in fine but just sort of disappeared. Within about 10 minutes I got BAD cramps. I haven't had cramps at all since I first started my period 20 years ago. I went to the bathroom and noticed that it was leaking so I figured it was in wrong. I went to get it out and this thing was WAY up there. I could only feel the stem when I squatted and bore down hard. The stem was pointed very strongly to one side. After about twenty minutes I got the thing out. Since I was at work I went back to pads for the day. I came home tonight and decided to get serious. This is what is happening: It will not open up without getting sucked up to kingdom come. When I first start to insert it and it it is SO tight for the first fingers-length of my vagina that there is no way this thing will pop open. I am a 32 year old very much non-virgin, so I don't think I have some super-tight vagina. It seems like it's my pubic bone making it so tight that it can't open until it gets past there, and then it just gets sucked up there. I can put my entire finger length in my vagina and cannot feel the stem at all unless I squat and bear down, and the stem is always pointed to the right very strongly. I keep reading that everyone else's stem are actually protruding from their vagina and poking their labia!! If mine is placed where the stem is anywhere near my opening there is no way it will be popped open. I tried every fold and it stays in that folded position until it makes it past my pubic bone or whatever that initial tightness is - then it is promptly sucked into the never-ending depths of my vagina. Then it leaks. I have no idea if it is actually open, since even squatting and bearing down I can't feel anything but the stem. My fingers are not long enough to reach any higher up there. I don't think this should matter, but I'm very petite - 4'10" and about 95#. I got the larger size since I'm over 30. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but this is just not working...any pointers?
Tags: divacup, first time use, popping open

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