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I've been watching this community for a couple months, have gotten used to the idea of the cup and determined to give it a shot. After doing some research online, I learned that I could buy one from the drug store just by my office! I've taken a break from birth control this month, (since I really didn't need it and had deliberately skipped a couple periods in a row) so I wasn't sure when my period would come.

Today it came! (ironically when I was admiring a colleague's baby) I hurried off to Boots and bought a MoonCup UK. It would have been more convenient if I hadn't been at work, but I have to say it was a very easy process. I tried both folds before determining which was better for me. It went into place pretty easily. I can barely feel it now! I will have to trim the stem when I get home, but nothing major.

I'm so pleased to have finally made the leap and officially be part of the community. Thank you all for the support you have provided to get me here!

Corinna xx
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