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Sandra M.

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Wowee!! It's here!!

My Diva Cup arrived this morning, just in time for day 3 :-D I can't understand why everyone has such issues with it though. I've taken to it right away! And wishing I hadn't been such a chicken and had tried it sooner.

I'll have to trim the stem a little, but other than that things are great! Insertion is really easy, although I need a bit of practice with removal. I'm not game enough yet to try it overnight, but I'm sure that'll happen eventually. Definitely not on my first night of cycle though. Even 11 layers of hemp has trouble with that mess, I wouldn't expect my cup to catch it all.

Feeling rather chuffed with myself that I haven't had a leak and it's only my first day :-D Even took it out after 4 hours, washed and reinserted just to make sure it wasn't a fluke!

Tags: first time use

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