mum2caden (mum2caden) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup goes really high?

I have seen lots of posts saying how everyone's cups sit very low, but mine goes very high all the time. It never leaks, but it sucks itself right up to my cervix and sits a little sideways- sometimes a lot so that the stem is pointing into the right side (however, it doesn't hurt me at all). I don't exactly have concerns, since it doesn't leak, or hurt- but I just feel rather odd that it seems that there are few that have it go THAT high. I mean, I have to reach in all the way to the second joint on my index finger just to feel the stem, and sometimes even a little higher!

Am I just weird? lol...and yes, I do realize everyone is just different, guess I am just looking for company!  :)

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