aura_lee (aura_lee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Two Things

1.) Has anyone ever dropped their cup into the toilet by accident or had it fall out into there? And what did you/should you do if it did?

2.) How low is the cup supposed to sit? Where mine sits right now, I can't really feel it, but the stem is right at the edge of my vaginal canal. Yes, I know I can cut the stem off, which I will probably do if I decide to keep the cup, but it just seems really really low.

Also, The Diva Cup (which is the one I have) says not to cut the stem off all the way in the instructions. Is there any particular reason for this? It mentions that you need the stem to be able to get it out, but I am pretty sure you can get it out without the stem. If you cut off the whole stem does it effect the cup at all?

I guess that's 3 things...oh well. Thanks! :)
Tags: cleaning, stem length/trimming

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