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Correct positioning/Leaking/ General Q's

 Hi All.

I'm a newbie both here and to the Diva cup (normally use pads). I have a few q's that i cant seem to find the answer to.

1. When people talk about the cup being 'open' - does this mean it is meant to look how it does on the outside? I always ensure it has popped as i insert it but when i feel round it the bit just above the hard base is rounded but the rest is slightly squashed (not flat at all...just not wholly round IYKWIM?). Is it normal for the vaginal muscles to squash it slightly?

2. Yesterday my flow was very heavy and i had to empty a few times as i was getting leaks. Each time there was about 15mls in the cup - is this enough to cause leakage or would it be because there wasnt a proper seal?

3. If there is a fair amount of blood in the cup is it safe to assume that the positioning is correct?

4. When i remove the cup i pinch just above the hard bit and then rotate slightly as i pull out. This seems to work well and breaks the seal but i get a bit of an Ouch moment when the rim exits - does anyone know how i can avoid this?

5. I have seen many people who say their cramps have been less when using cups. Mine are normally horrid and i dope myself up on painkillers for the first 2 days. Yesterday was only mild and today they are non-existant. How does this work? I cant understand how a cup would make a difference to this? Does anyone know?

Thanks all for reading - i look forward to your thoughts.
Tags: cramps, popping open, removal - painful or problems

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