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Pictures of Mooncup UK

Inspired by the post about Lunette, with the picture on how it looks when it have just arrived (great idea!)
I will now post pictures, of my Mooncup UK, who just arrived!
I live in EU/scandinavia, i ordered late monday, and it arrived friday.
I will wait to try it, until i get my period, and i look forward to try it.
It came in a small recycle envelope, and with this in it:

It is very flexible (one of the things i was worried about, but that wasn't necessary) :)
I must say, that i think it looks big, but when i think of a tampon, it is really not that big.
(and my hands is small, so it looks big on the photo)
The pictures show the "yellow" color well, so this is how it looks when it is new and not used yet.
I cant wait to use it :)
Hope the pictures can be useful for anybody who think of buying one and others.
(and thumbs up, for the Lunette pictures poster, great idea) 
There is a sticker, a leaflet with several language in and description on how to use, and a thin leaflet with 4 scandinavian language in (they maybe have them on every language?), and a little fabric bag with the Mooncup in.
I like that Mooncup UK use recycle material for their package.
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