irrationeel (irrationeel) wrote in menstrual_cups,

how much can I cut off?

i'm at this very moment wearing my mooncup UK (sort of rundry) and i feel (it's not jet painfull) the litle thing (do you call it steal?).
i've already cuted it off a litle bit, but i don't know how much i can cut it off...
I realy feel it... and i'm afraid (while my vigina is such a sensitive pussy) that it will give me a litle wound (woond / wount?).

I'm sorry my Englisch is so bad at this morning, i'm much more of a Englisch talker then a writer ;) .
( but my reading is realy ok )

[Dutch reply's - personal reply's are also welcome :P ]

Thanks !!!
(photo's are also welcom...! :D )
Tags: stem length/trimming
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