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Considering a Cup

Well I have been thinking about getting a cup for a while. I am sick of having to wear a tampon and a pad at the same time because no matter how much I am bleeding I leak around the tampon! My husband thinks cups are gross and won't even look at them. I told him how much money it would save since I have to wear both t&p's together. I told him it is my body and that was the last discussion on it. I am just worried about spending the money on it and then having it not work for me. I have been on birth control pills for seven years and decided a month ago to try the ring. Well that didn't work well for me at all. I couldn't keep the thing in no matter what I tried. It would fall out during sex, during my jog in the morning and when I would get up to walk to the front office at work I would have to stop by the bathroom on my way back to my desk to shove it back up there. Needless to say it lasted only two weeks and back on the pill I went. I am just worried that since I leak around tampons no matter what I do, I couldn't keep the ring in no matter what, that the cup won't stay in either. I am also not sure which one to try. I am only 22 and don't have any children. I have very wide hips, which I read on one of the cups' websites that as you get older your hips get farther apart so that is why they recommend the bigger one. I am just undecided........
Tags: nuvaring, sizes/size issues
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