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Back on 6 September, i posted about my problems with my DivaCup.  Ya'll were so helpful and came to my aid and for that, i will always be grateful. 

The Diva Cup, however, will never be my friend.  I am so happy for those of you that a cup works!!  And, i have to admit, a bit jealous. 

I have tried everything.  And i give up.  I sit here, in tears yet again over this ridiculous piece of rubber, or silicone or whatever the hell it is made from! 

I have taken into consideration everything you wonderfully helpful women have told me.  I have explored.  I have done dry run after dry run in the few days i have between bleeds.  I have cut the stem.  I have tried every fold.  I have tired opening it half way in but cannot manage to cram it in any further.  I cannot get it to open if it is inserted all the way.  I cannot deal with the pain and discomfort of it hanging half way out.  It hurts and has prevented me from having  sex life for the past month because i am so damn sore. 

I bought the Diva Cup because i wanted to save money and i hated the idea of throwing yet another bloodly tampon into the already overtaxed garbage system that exists here in our modern world. 

Sadly, it was a waste of my money.  I so do not want to scare away any new users, but please, know your vagina and cervix BEFORE you spend the money, if money is an issue for you the way it is for me. 

Thanks for all your help, everyone.  I'm heading out to the store to get tampons now.  *tear*
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