laura (no_recess) wrote in menstrual_cups,


i've been using the keeper for about 4 months now and wanna know if anyone else has had the same experiences i have in the begining.
i had somewhat of a problem with insertion for a while...just used the 7 fold for the first time and it seems to make a big difference.  the problem with insertion that i've been having seems to be opposite from everything else i've read in here: instead of not wanting to pop open, my keeper is like this unbelievably strong force that is so hard to keep closed long enough to put it in!  does it "break in" over time? 

also...whenever i insert or remove it i get really bad menstrual cramps for a few minutes...anyone else?

also..after the first two days of my period, whenever i remove the cup there is a ton or gray/cream colored discharge mostly around the suction holes.  i feel fine (no irritation or anything) but wonder if that is normal or not. 
thanks ladies, any feedback would be much appreciated.
Tags: cramps, keeper, popping open
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