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Dry run pass times :(

I actually just did my second dry run tonight.
My first run, the cup never opened up and it only took about 3 or 4 tries to get it in.

Well, tonight was a different story. Only took two tries getting it in. I wasn't sure if it opened...walked around a little bit, sat down...attempting to gage comfort. Everything seemed well.

Now, mind you, I've been reading up on what everyone has to say on this, I felt I was pretty prepared for removal.

I was wrong. Honestly, it maybe took less than two minutes to get it out. I found that, yes, it had opened...and, yes, there was definitely a seal. Even though I was prepared, I still panicked a little. But, I took deep breaths, pushed with my muscles and pushed it on the sides. Nothing. Ok, pushed in more on the sides...squished the hell out of the sides...found the freaking rim and pushed that. Nothing. Finally, I kept pushing and broke the seal. And then it re-sealed. Pushed some more, broke the seal again, and I finally got it out. All in all, on a dry run, first time experience, this should be marked as a success. My mind kept from panicking too much. But, oh boy did my body panic. As soon as I'd gotten the thing out and ran it under water, I became extremely light headed. I was on the verge of passing out for about 20 minutes straight. Plus, now I'm all crampy from poking and pulling around in there.


Looks like I'll probably need to widen the little holes near the rim. I have a DivaCup and I've read on here that making sure the holes are open helps in breaking the seal (Do I understand that correctly?)

I'm not going to let this experience scare me from using my cup. But, I am a bit anxious...I will most likely wait until my actual period to use it again.
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