sarah_826 (sarah_826) wrote in menstrual_cups,

scared of changing in public bathrooms

its only my second cycle with my diva so please bear with me. yesterday was the first time i had to change in a public bathroom and the cup was so full i was scared i was going to spill it all over myself. luckily i didnt but i did spill some on the floor. how do you guys remove your very full cup without it spilling on yourself/ something else? i was standing over the toilet so that i could immediately dump everything in there but i guess it didnt really work.. any tips? also, how do you clean that thing quickly in a public bathroom when its full of blood?! i spent a bunch of time in there trying to get all the blood off the cup and then i just gave up because it kept on slipping out of my hands and the garbage can seemed like i had just performed a surgery in there. help?
Tags: cleaning - public

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