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Cleaning and Infection issues...

I recently bought a Divacup and I am very excited to use it. However, I am very prone to bladder infections and, more recently, prone to yeast infections (ugh). I was wondering if Dr. Bronner's unscented baby formula liquid soap would be suitable to use to clean my cup during my cycle. I'm afraid regular washing with soap will cause the natural chemicals in my vagina to react (i.e. infection). But, I'm also afraid that hot water alone will not ward off bacteria. I really want the Divacup to work out for me as I do not want to add anymore waste to the environment or deal with the harsh makeup of tampons any longer.

Is anyone here using a cup also prone to bladder and yeast infections? How do you deal with yours?

Or maybe this is just going to be a trial and error situation for me?
Tags: cleaning, uti (urinary tract infection), yeast infections

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