Shauna (perfectinpart) wrote in menstrual_cups,

itch/soreness & stinky cup questions

I've been using my Diva Cup for a few cycles now (I think it is 4 or 5, but I can't exactly remember!) and I've never had any problems. I've never had leaking or any insertion/removal problems. It's been amazing. I love my cup more than I ever though I could love a menstrual product. :)

However, this period has been a bit frustrating. It's more a problem with me than with my cup. I hadn't been able to clean it properly the first few days, and I also didn't have any lube available. I think this caused some sort of irritation in my vagina, and I'm a bit concerned. It's been sort of itchy and sore for the past few days. I properly cleaned it, and have been cleaning it each time I change it (2-3 times a day) and the itchiness has reduced greatly, but the soreness is still there. For reference, I use Cetaphil face cleanser to wash it. Anyway, I'm wondering if this soreness is abnormal. It feels almost as if I had rough sex and then got my period... which, didn't happen. It's getting better now that I'm back to using lube, but at the same time, it still hurts. Will it go away when I stop using the cup? I'll be done with my period in a day or so, so I can endure it until then if that's all it is. Has anyone else had soreness like this?

My second question is: I've noticed a bit of a funky smell on my cup... It sort of smells like a moldy towel. It's very faint. I boil it in diluted hydrogen peroxide at the end of my period. I was thinking of using tea tree oil instead (I'm nearly out of hydrogen peroxide), in hopes that this would get rid of the funky smell. Has anyone else had a stinky cup? Did you use anything to get rid of the stink? Also... if you've used tea tree oil, how much did you use? I read to use one or two drops in water, but in how much water? How long do you soak it for?

Thanks for your help!
Tags: chafing/irritation, cleaning - smells, cleaning - tea tree oil
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