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Long time reader, first time poster (hehe)

I looked throughout the memories and couldn't find anything like this happening (but, of course, the memories are extensive and it's very possible I missed it). But, anyway, I really hope I didn't just screw up my diva cup.

I was cleaning out the holes in my cup when my 7 year old brother came running full tilt into the bathroom (the door was open, I was just cleaning it before I was going to put it in for the first day of my period) and he bumped into me. The pin I was using to clear out the holes (and have always used without a problem) went through the cup just a little bit. Do you think this will effect the suction or how it works? I haven't started my period yet, and I'm wondering if I should go and get another one (a royal pain in the butt, what college student has $30 to spare?) or if you think it will be okay.

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