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New and a little confused, please advise

Hello. I have read and reread through as many posts as I could, and decided to buy a menstrual cup. I bought a DivaCup, primarily because that is what the natural foods store near me has in stock. I figure if it doesn't work out, I'll move on to one of the mailorder products. I simply must have something besides pads/tampons! I figure I spend at least $30 per period (I bleed heavily and have very long periods). Anyway, to get to my question. I have also used Instead, which I like except that I cannot remove them without making a total mess, and they are disposable as well. I mention this, because with Instead I would push the ring up and back so it pops behind my pubic bone.

With the DivaCup, does it go up past the pubic bone or not? I am very confused on this point, based on the comments others have made about where it sits in their vagina. I haven't yet tried putting it in. The directions say it does not go as far as a tampon. So does it really just squeeze in right in the vaginal canal and sit there?

I'm sorry if this is a silly question, I'm just very confused on how/where I'm supposed to place this.

Also, would someone please direct me to a discussion board where I can talk to other women about that I cannot, have never been able to determine where my cervix is. It must be pretty high, I can't reach it. Much thanks.
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