abracadabra46 (abracadabra46) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Itching & Irritation help!!!

I have been using a keeper for about 5 cycles now, and i finally have insertion-removal down, but lately it seems like every period causes me irritation and itching.  i had increasingly been noticing that i was getting itchy during my period and irritated like my vagina was swollen.  this last period, the itching was very intense (no discharge or abnormal smells) but i did a OTC yeast infection insertion and it cleared up.  (i did the yeast infection med like the last day of my period)  (also i have never had a yeast infection before so i start thinking the keeper caused it...before i was just washing it with soap, but now inbetween periods, i do a vinegar solution and during the period, i use soap)

i am on my period again now and after one day of using the keeper, i am feeling irritated and itching again.  i had mentioned this to my gynecologist and she had said for general irritation to try olive oil and try to stay away from dri-weave pads (which i use as back-up to the keeper)  i think maybe initial irritation is possibly from the last bit of stem on my keeper which i am going to trim again, and the itching could maybe be from the pads, but it seems like more than that. 

now, i am just wondering if i have developed an allergy to the keeper? if it is giving me yeast infections?  it;s not going to save me money if it gives me yeast infections every month and more importantly it is very uncomfortable!  i don't want to have to switch to something else or stop using it or more importantly jump to conclusions.  so, i was wondering if someone else has any thoughts?

thanks in advance for making my period better...
Tags: allergies - latex, chafing/irritation, keeper

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